Sunday, February 7, 2010

Newborn Na'vi *avatar movie* WC#0024 Finished

So here's the pictures of the Newborn Na'vi sculpt on his base. I've decided to call this sculpt "Wild Peace" because it demonstrates how peacful the "wild nature" can be when left undisturbed. This little guy is about 2.75" long alone and 4" long x 3" tall including folage on the base. He's hand sculpted from Premo Sculpey and hand painted with acrylics by myself. I've also added black tibetian lamb wool for hair on his head and tail. The base is constructed from a piece of wood, moss, and faux folage hand painted with acrylics to add more bold colors. The AVATAR movie is what inspired me to make this piece...great movie btw...go see it!
He's on a five day ebay auction. ebay id: eclypse21jen or search zaos.

Thanks for looking.

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