Friday, December 13, 2013

Panthers and Dragons, Oh my!

So I think I've got a lovely idea that I wanted to share.  I believe I'll be adding two other babies to my sculpt list.  A tiny Were-Panther newborn.  And a little Dragon Hybrid newborn.  Both will have sculpted heads and limbs, and doe suede bodies.  The were-panther will be around 17-18" in length when finished and the dragon hybrid will be around 19-20".  The were-panther will be exactly that a were-panther, a child born with both human and panther traits.  The dragon hybrid will be similar in vision to the were-panther but with the child being a combination of dragon and human traits.  They will be highly unique.

J Razoux

Christmas Creepies are on the way!

With only a few more days for Christmas shopping and shipping, I'm going to be making a few (2 or 3) Christmas Creepies to put on ebay on Sunday and one to give a friend for Christmas. Thinking maybe a little boy skully in elf/santa pjs, a little girl skully is her Christmas finest, and maybe a skully Christmas bear hanging ornaments on a tree. But we'll see what actually comes about.

Pics will be coming along soon enough and then of course the links to their auctions as well.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New first attempt at reborning

So while I most certainly prefer sculpting over simply painting a doll, reborning seems to be a extremely challenging technique that I wanted to give a little venture into.  Now in my sculpted doll nursery ( I have used vinyl limbs rather then sculpting them with my larger head sculpts, but I've never done a complete kit including rooting the hair.  So this should be interesting as heck.

I did not choose a high quality or expensive vinyl kit to attempt my first reborn baby.  The kit I ordered has minor flaws that I am sure I can work around.  The kit is by Sandra White and it's called Leah.

So yup. That's what I'll be jumping into in a week or so.