Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It is indeed My Creepy Valentines time!

I know that just looks like a picture of a box, a block, and three pieces of wood and if you are thinking that, you are right!  These are the platforms for my 2014 My Creepy Valentine collection!  Yes, friends it's My Creepy Valentine time!

Stay tuned...

Dragon Hybrid Baby Sculpt! We have a head!!!

Here you have it, Ragner the dragon-human hybrid baby.  He's very gargoyley, yes I just made that a word! Finished he'll be about 18" long, and by the looks of it he may be coming to the vinyl kit world!!!!

Two Reborns are finished!

Here they are.  Leah and Libby kits reborn into Irelyn and Gunther!