Monday, November 30, 2009

Grandpa Buzzard and Grandpa Woof (WIP)

Well today I began my newest projects, holiday sculpts with a twist. The next project is a series of sculpts starting with Grandpa Buzzard and Grandpa Woof. These two adorable, but cranky old men-critters will be between 3 in and 5 in tall and dressed as old men. Grandpa Buzzard will be a crazy old buzzard and Grandpa Woof will be a grumpy old shaggy dog. Both will be sporting their holiday attire. This series will be put on ebay for auction as they are finished, or so I plan anyways! Pics will become available soon....

Thanks for reading,

Jennifer Razoux

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Avalos, the wintery satyr (Finished)


Avalos is completed now, I've just finished his paint job and started preparing photographs for his ebay auction! I'm very excited since Avalos is my first male sculpt and I'm particularly proud of my work on him! So here's the final photographs of Avalos, the winter satyr.

Thanks for looking and following Avalos' progress and auction!
Jennifer Razoux

Avalos, the wintery satyr (Day 3)

This was Avalos on day 3 ( I skipped working on him for a day). He's completely sculpted and awaiting firing. Finished sculpting the stand as well (snow covered, remaining with the winter theme).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Avalos, the wintery satyr (Day 2)

Okay, I've started Avalos' head and torso. Very roughly started I might add, still a long way to go but it's a start! So here are today's pictures of Avalos.

Thanks for looking. Jennifer

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Avalos, the winter satyr.

So here's a little info regarding my WIP (work in progress), Avalos. He's a winter satyr, posed in a striking pose. Satyrs are shown as human from the waist up and goat-like from the waist down. Generally the fur is introduced as very shaggy and heavy, but with Avalos the fur will be neat and short showing his more masculine physique. The satyr will have a gray-silverish skin tone and appear to be shimmering with frost. His horns will be a tortoise color, not one hundred percent sure exactly how they'll look quite yet though. As I said above the pose he'll be in will be very strong striking pose (actually more of a pre-strike pose). Although the pose will be pre-aggressive, his facial expression will hardly be of alarm. Unlike many satyrs, Avalos is a smug warrior. So that is my vision in a very broad description. And that takes me to the first step in creating Avalos, making and posing an armature.
The armature I created was made using morezmore's techniques and an addition of my own flare. I purchased all of the necessary materials (not including the pliers, board, and wire cutters) from morezmore's ebay store. The materials used were:

1/8, 3/32 brass tubing
17 ga + 24 ga steel wire
scotch tape
needle nose pliers w/ wire cutters
wooden board
micro tube cutter
wood screws
Mr. Bones (8in) sheet
internet research on satyrs and satyresees

The process of making the armature is tideous, but very rewarding as the skeleton of your vision comes to life. So, after creating the armature I posed his and secured the brass modules (head, arms, legs) to the frame and used forceps to secure the position and create stablility until a base is created. Here's the end result of that process (Day 1).

So thanks for reading and I'll post somemore as Avalos progresses!
Jennifer Razoux

My Past Work


This is Mindle, he is a dragon hatchling and was the very first of my creations with polymer clay. He was inspired from a trip to a local Rennaisance Faire and my visions of what a newly hatched dragonling would look like! My kids loved this little guy.

This is a couple sculpts into my sculpting path, a newborn harvest faerie. Sweet little guy is inspired by my little baby nephew, David, and the fall season. I just adore seeing the folage change colors and I invisioned the tiniest little faerie baby cradled in the autumn folage and that's where he came from.

This is a halloween inspired newborn dark faerie. She was a pudgy little batwinged creature, frighteningly adorable.
I'm taking new photographs of my two more recent sculpts and I'll post them as soon asap. Thanks.

First Day....Blogging Begins!

I imagine the best way to begin a new blog is to introduce myself and my blog's purpose! Yes, that is a good start. So my name is Jennifer Razoux and I'm happily married with two little munchkins that I absolutely adore! We, my family, also has a very naughty dog and two of the sweetest rats, yes rats, in the world. I have just finished up my bachelor's degree in HR Management, but jobs are a bit scarce right now so I decided to use my more creative side to help pay the bills! Anywho. So this past September I went ahead and gave sculpting clay a go and well...I thoroughly enjoyed it, and to boot I wasn't that bad at it. And that leads us to the present...I'm now beginning my ninth sculpt (using a morezmore armature technique I learned, plus my own flare) to create a satyr called Avalos.

So here is where my journal (blog) begins, with Avalos the Satyr. I'll post some pictures of my previous work and the inspiration behind them, but this blog truly begins with Avalos because he is inspired by my daughter Ava and my son Nevien. My children are very bouncy and mischievous, thus why they remind me the mythological satyr. Obviously the satyr I'm creating will be an adult and not childish at all! More to be said on that topic later. Enjoy the blog!!