Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Day....Blogging Begins!

I imagine the best way to begin a new blog is to introduce myself and my blog's purpose! Yes, that is a good start. So my name is Jennifer Razoux and I'm happily married with two little munchkins that I absolutely adore! We, my family, also has a very naughty dog and two of the sweetest rats, yes rats, in the world. I have just finished up my bachelor's degree in HR Management, but jobs are a bit scarce right now so I decided to use my more creative side to help pay the bills! Anywho. So this past September I went ahead and gave sculpting clay a go and well...I thoroughly enjoyed it, and to boot I wasn't that bad at it. And that leads us to the present...I'm now beginning my ninth sculpt (using a morezmore armature technique I learned, plus my own flare) to create a satyr called Avalos.

So here is where my journal (blog) begins, with Avalos the Satyr. I'll post some pictures of my previous work and the inspiration behind them, but this blog truly begins with Avalos because he is inspired by my daughter Ava and my son Nevien. My children are very bouncy and mischievous, thus why they remind me the mythological satyr. Obviously the satyr I'm creating will be an adult and not childish at all! More to be said on that topic later. Enjoy the blog!!


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