Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Past Work


This is Mindle, he is a dragon hatchling and was the very first of my creations with polymer clay. He was inspired from a trip to a local Rennaisance Faire and my visions of what a newly hatched dragonling would look like! My kids loved this little guy.

This is a couple sculpts into my sculpting path, a newborn harvest faerie. Sweet little guy is inspired by my little baby nephew, David, and the fall season. I just adore seeing the folage change colors and I invisioned the tiniest little faerie baby cradled in the autumn folage and that's where he came from.

This is a halloween inspired newborn dark faerie. She was a pudgy little batwinged creature, frighteningly adorable.
I'm taking new photographs of my two more recent sculpts and I'll post them as soon asap. Thanks.

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