Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Avalos, the winter satyr.

So here's a little info regarding my WIP (work in progress), Avalos. He's a winter satyr, posed in a striking pose. Satyrs are shown as human from the waist up and goat-like from the waist down. Generally the fur is introduced as very shaggy and heavy, but with Avalos the fur will be neat and short showing his more masculine physique. The satyr will have a gray-silverish skin tone and appear to be shimmering with frost. His horns will be a tortoise color, not one hundred percent sure exactly how they'll look quite yet though. As I said above the pose he'll be in will be very strong striking pose (actually more of a pre-strike pose). Although the pose will be pre-aggressive, his facial expression will hardly be of alarm. Unlike many satyrs, Avalos is a smug warrior. So that is my vision in a very broad description. And that takes me to the first step in creating Avalos, making and posing an armature.
The armature I created was made using morezmore's techniques and an addition of my own flare. I purchased all of the necessary materials (not including the pliers, board, and wire cutters) from morezmore's ebay store. The materials used were:

1/8, 3/32 brass tubing
17 ga + 24 ga steel wire
scotch tape
needle nose pliers w/ wire cutters
wooden board
micro tube cutter
wood screws
Mr. Bones (8in) sheet
internet research on satyrs and satyresees

The process of making the armature is tideous, but very rewarding as the skeleton of your vision comes to life. So, after creating the armature I posed his and secured the brass modules (head, arms, legs) to the frame and used forceps to secure the position and create stablility until a base is created. Here's the end result of that process (Day 1).

So thanks for reading and I'll post somemore as Avalos progresses!
Jennifer Razoux

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