Monday, May 3, 2010

WIP: Mermaid at the River's Edge

I know, I know. It's such a rarity to see me actually sticking to the same project rather then working on five or six mini projects at the same time. So here's the latest pics of our mermaid. She's, as promised, donned with a muted blue skin tone. The pics are done on a glummy day, so the flash made her look much shinier then she is. I've decided to give a very strong silvery gray tail and a long flexible torso. She's still undecided if she'll actually be an avatar inspired mermaid, but either way she'd certainly fit into the movie. I've decided she'll also be a more sharkish mermaid rather then the typical wet and wild beauty. She'll still be posed in a very tender pose and have a lovely face (as lovely as I'm capable of), but she'll have gills covering her rib cage and a fierce presence. It'll be like a watching the most fierce creature of nature embracing a tender moment. I hope anyway!

So here's the pics for today. A covered armature, very rough sculpting.




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