Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WIP: Mermaid at the River's Edge

I'm actually not certain whether this mermaid will be another "River Spirit" (Pandorian Mermaid) or simply a seriously cold-water mermaid. Either way her basic skin tone will be a light steel blue. As you can see from her WIP (work in progress) pics she's in a launging pose with one arm delicately touching the water beneath her resting branch. Her head will be tilted downward to allow her gaze to follow her hand.

As I'm working on her she'll probably let me know whether she'll be another AVATAR inspired mermaid or a cold-water mermaid! Follow and see. Here's a few of her WIP pics (7" armature with bulk). Her armature is 7" tall and once her fluke (tail fins) are added she'll have an extra inch or two).




Thanks for looking.

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