Thursday, February 17, 2011

IADR February Contest Entry

Alrighty everyone. I'm actually already most of the way through sculpting the torso, not bad for me and my procrastinating ways! So the theme for IADR's February Contest is "Art Of The Soul". So I've decided to do the most evident emotion for me....all of them! My piece will be called "Freedom in Madness" and will feature a fierce female lycae (werewolf) during her first freeing of her beast! I think the piece may be a bit frightening, but as I see it she's being freed of her torn emotions and allowing her rage to become bliss!

I'll post pictures as it comes together or at least once I have a head sculpted.

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  1. just inquiring about the avatar baby you have for your daughter... any chances of another one? (or maybe one thats not of use anymore?) my daughter is 4 and all she wanted for christmas is an avatar dolly, and santa nor his elf could deliver, so her birthday is coming up in april. and im in desperate need of an avatar baby doll... Please?

    Please e-mail me,