Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dragon Hatchling...almost ready for pics!!!

The dragon hatchling is now completely sculpted and I'm pretty certain this is the last layer of paint this little cutie is getting. After the wings and paint are cured and the baby has had a little freezer time (adding strength), I'll grab a few pics to share.

As I said it's a dragon hatchling, also called a dragon pup. It's not anatomically correct, so he or she is up to you! The pup's color is mainly red and black, but there's some blushing that's purple/blue/brown. The eyes are still sealed shut and the scales are premature, a lot like a freshly hatched baby bird. The wings are small and a little transparent.

I really really like this little one and I'm having trouble with the idea of parting ways with it! This dragon hatchling is so adorable!

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