Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nydis the childish sea sprite...wanted to try out a new eyeball idea.

ON AUCTION (ebay id: eclypse21jen)

This actually worked better then I'd anticipated. I ordered some 4mm reflective acrylic beads (all sorts of colors) for multiple uses, from wings to jewelry. When they arrived it occured to me that they are the perfect shape, size, and colors for eyeballs in my small creations. That is where Nydis the childish sea sprite came from, he was my trial sculpt to ensure the beads would be oven safe! Low and behold he came out great. So I painted him up with some new painting techniques I learned and added my new nanobeads, plus a set of handmade cellophane tail fins! So with out further waiting, here is Nydis.

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Jennifer Razoux

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