Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grandpa Buzzard (Day Two)

On day one I completed Grandpa Buzzard's head and most of his body. Today is day two and I've just cut the tubing to begin Grandpa Buzzard's feet, once complete I'll fire and paint the old fella! He's a heck of a character, I adore his facial expression and the movement in his body. He'll be wearing a crimson sweater with green or blue trim and the sweater will have a christmas pattern as well. Once he's completed and placed on his stand, I'll place him ebay for auction (if I can let him go) and get started on Grandpa Woof ( J. Alexander Woof, as I've decided to name him). Wish me luck and look for these fun characters on ebay this week. So here are today's photos of Grandpa Buzzard, unpainted and missing feet!

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