Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tails and Fins....butterfly wing template use...

I've started experimenting with the idea I had for the fins on future mermaids and maybe fish and sea dragons using butterfly and dragonfly templates. I've made two copies of the butterfly wings (on ivory vallum paper). Then I've added I little more color to the wings with watercolor pencils. I then mixed up a bit of silver acrylic paint with gallery glass and painted a generous layer over the wings. Waited a few hours for the mixture to dry completely then laid the two sheet over eachother and cut equal boxes around the wings. I added some crazy sticky (clear drying) glue to the bottom side of one sheet, spread it into a thin layer, and lined the edges of the wings as best I could and let them dry. I laid a heavy book over the two sheets to ensure the edges would not curl. Once dry I trimed the wings out of the sheet and rearranged on a mermaid's armature to see the butterfly wing fins in action (two different positions). I am overall rather happy with the outcome.


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